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We fully recognize each person's dignity as a human being, and we will seek out ways to accommodate your wishes and enhance your quality of life by creating an environment tailored to meet your needs. We do not intend to be a replacement for your own home - we do wish to provide a comfortable setting while you are in our care.

Whether you are here for a short time, or for longer care, we recognize that you have individual interests. We have programs in place that will help you get the most from your stay with us.

  Mark A. Jacobs, CEO/Administrator
Mark Jacobs has been licensed as a nursing home administrator since 1988. He has successfully managed facilities in NC, GA and TN before returning to Maine. He strives to maintain the challenge in keeping small town values in balance with regulation, technology and high standards of quality.


  • You will have the opportunity to participate in the direction of your care, and you can expect your individuality to be recognized and respected.
  • We will do our best to take your schedules and preferences into consideration when planning each day.
  • We will support your interests, lifelong patterns, routines, preferences and needs through our activity program.
  • We will honor your food likes and dislikes, as well as offer substitutes, so that mealtime can be a true dining experience that reflects the culture of the community you come from.

Providing great short-term and long-term care

We like to make you feel at home, but we never forget that you have come to us for needed care. Our staff is trained in the latest nursing techniques - plus, we believe that respecting your individuality and dignity is of utmost importance.


Our primary responsibility is to identify the nursing care or therapy you need and do our best to provide it. Many residents go home after recuperating from an illness or spending a short time working with our excellent therapy staff. Others stay with us for the reassurance that our care provides, and for the enriching environment that our staff creates each day.

Your personal physician may continue to treat you during your stay with us. However, if he or she chooses not to, we can provide you with names of other doctors who provide care at Pinnacle Health & Rehab.


Our staff is highly trained and compassionate. We want to meet your needs efficiently, courteously and promptly. This is a new environment for you, so please use the tabs to become familiar with Pinnacle Health & Rehab and the people who will assist you.

What should you bring with you?
Checking in at Pinnacle Health & Rehab is called an "admission" and a "discharge" is when you leave us. These are some of the items you will need to bring upon admission on your first day:

  • Insurance documents and prescription drug cards, including cards and documents for Medicare, MaineCare, Social Security and private insurance plans.
  • Guardianship papers and advance directive documents (e.g., living will, power of attorney for healthcare) if you have them.
  • Personal items to decorate your room. These may include photos, bedspreads, pillows, stuffed animals, radios, clocks, decorations, wall hangings, flowers and plants.
  • Telephone, television or personal computer.
  • Several changes of clothing. Be sure to include underclothing, sleeping garments, shoes and slippers and mark all items with your name.
  • List of all medications.

Admission process
During the admission process, we will help you get to know all of our department managers, and we encourage you to speak with these people for any reason. We also will give you contact information for the state long-term care ombudsman and the state department of health and human services.

We will discuss a number of things with you, including your bill of rights, your financial obligations, the Resident Council and Family Council, the grievance (complaint) process and admission documents.

There will be a number of documents to sign on your first day. It is helpful to have a family member or friend present to help you complete the admission paperwork that applies to you. We would like your signature on all admission paperwork; however, if you are able to sign on your behalf. All of the documents will be explained to you during the admission process, and we encourage you to ask any questions you may have.

Making your healthcare wishes known
Making your healthcare wishes known in advance of when you will need them is called "advance care planning." Advance care planning provides a way for you to communicate your wishes to family, friends and healthcare professionals - and to avoid confusion later on. Doing this ahead of time enables you to discuss your personal values, attitudes and beliefs regarding illness and death with those closest to you.

You have the right to participate in decisions about your medical treatment. Many people choose to indicate their wishes in a document called "advance directive." We respect and honor your right to make an advance directive to the extent allowed by law. We will give you information and forms at admission regarding your right to have an advance directive and to designate a legal representative. Your admission or treatment will not depend on whether or not you have an advance directive.

Medicare is a federal health insurance program for people who are age 65 and over and some people under 65 who are disabled or suffer from permanent kidney failure. If you are enrolled with Medicare or a Medicare HMO, you may be eligible for skilled nursing care or skilled rehabilitation (rehab) services. Please contact someone in our Business Office if you have questions about Medicare coverage.

Medicare: www.cms.hhs.gov/home/medicare.asp

Medicaid (also known as MaineCare), is a state program, partly funded by the federal government, that will pay most nursing home costs for people with limited income and assets. Medicaid benefits and eligibility requirements are different from state to state, but it is an option for eligible low-income individuals in need of long-term nursing home care. Our Business Office can help you determine if you are eligible for Medicaid, and we will assist in the application process if needed.

Medicaid: www.cms.hhs.gov/home/medicaid.asp

Private Health Insurance
Your nursing care or rehab services may be covered by your personal health insurance plan, long-term care or Medigap (supplemental) policy. The benefits and costs of insurance are based on your plans, so your coverage and costs depend on which plans you have chosen. Our Business Office staff will review your health insurance plans with you when you are admitted.

National Association of Insurance Commissioners: www.naic.org

Medigap: www.medicare.gov/medigap/default.asp

Private Funds
You are considered "self pay" if you are not covered by any governmental program or personal health insurance. In this case, you would be responsible for your monthly room charge as well as any services and supplies that are billable. If you are using private funds, our Business Office staff will review your financial responsibilities once other benefits have been determined. For your convenience, we mail statements for monthly expenses at the beginning of each month.

Getting Help with Finances
If you feel unable to handle your finances, you may want to sign a document to designate someone to speak on your behalf.

Power of Attorney
A "power of attorney" is a legal document that allows someone you choose to handle your business and financial affairs. This person can sign checks to pay your healthcare bills or make decisions about your contracts, mortgage, other debts or property. Many social services agencies and legal aid offices can help you with a power of attorney, or you can consult an attorney to prepare one for you.

Representative payee
You can designate either Pinnacle Health & Rehab or a trusted person to become a "representative payee" to make sure your Social Security and/or other pension benefits are handled properly. Please contact someone in our Business Office for assistance in this process.

Types of Rooms
Pinnacle Health & Rehab has both shared rooms and some private rooms.

Shared Room

In most cases, you will share a room with another person.

Private Room

A private room has only one bed, and there are a limited number of private rooms available. Unless there is a medical necessity for having a private room, you will incur out-of-pocket expenses if you choose a private room. Depending on your state and payer source (Medicare, insurance, etc.), you may be able to have a private room (if one is available) by paying the difference between the cost of a shared room and the cost of a private one.

Telephones are available throughout the building for you and your visitors. You are also able to purchase a calling card from the business office to make long distance calls. You are able to have a cell phone or a private telephone line in your room. You or your representative would need to have this service connected and the expense of the connection and the monthly bill will be charged to you.

Internet Service / WiFi / Cable TV
We offer free wifi internet service if you wish to bring in a personal computer, tablet, or other device. Cable TV is also offered. There is a monthly fee for cable. Please contact our business office for more information.

Keeping Money Safe
You have the right to manage your own money while you are here. However, if you would like some assistance with your personal funds, we can help you set up a resident trust fund. The resident trust fund specialist is able to assist you in your monthly bills and help you manage your money.

Our policy is to maintain most of your resident trust fund in an interest-bearing bank account, except for a small amount that is kept on the premises as petty cash for your convenience.

The Dining Experience
The food at Pinnacle Health & Rehab is prepared and offered to you with great flavor in a decorative environment. The atmosphere is filled with sounds of pleasant conversation and music. The experience will nourish your body and your soul. So please join us.


Eating the right amount of food so that you have the energy and nutrients to feel good is most important. Our director of Food Services will talk with you about foods you like and those you don't like, so that we can be sure to offer you a variety that you prefer. In addition, you and your doctor will already have discussed your dietary needs, and he or she will share that information with our staff to be sure your meals meet your specific needs.

Our company employs a Registered Dietitian to review all of our recipes and menus. We believe that everyone at any age should expect to have good meals. The Registered Dietitian will visit with you to review your nutritional status and diet orders, and discuss with you any questions you may have.

Serving Times

Full meals are prepared and food services are available several times during the day. Please see the director of Food Services for the specific times they are available. If you are out for an appointment, the staff will arrange to have your meal served early or have it ready for you upon your return, depending on which you prefer. Please let a staff member know anytime you need something from the kitchen.

Between Meal Options

Snacks and beverages of various types and consistencies are available at snack time each day. They are also available at most special events and some activities.

If you require added nutrition, we have several house supplements for you to choose from. Our registered dietitian or director of Food Services will answer any questions you have about these items.


The registered dietitian designs your menus so that they include the nutrients required by the federal government in a combination most people enjoy. The menus also include a variety of textures and an assortment of thickened liquids for our residents who require them.

"House" items such as grilled cheese, cottage cheese, peanut butter and jelly, soup and cold cereal are available in case you change your mind about a meal at any time. For a complete list of house items, please talk to the director of Food Services.

Food and beverage items that are not included on the menu, and which you will need to provide are:

  • Soda (carbonated soft drinks)
  • Alcoholic beverages ( when approved by your doctor)
  • Specialty items, such as special cereals, specific brands or pickles or salad dressings, etc.
  • Snacks outside of the variety offered.

Visitors at Mealtime

Visitors are welcome to join you at meals if you would like. Except for certain holidays, the cost for a guest meal is $4.00. Please pay the business office during regular hours. If the office is closed, please pay the food services cook. If possible, please provide the kitchen with prior notice that you will have guests at a meal.

If you have a family member who would like to help in the dining room, please direct them to the Director of Activities, who coordinates all volunteers. We encourage families to be of assistance during dining, and would like to speak with them about the help they may offer.

Simple Pleasures
Whether it's having a hot cup of coffee when you awaken, taking a walk outside, reading the morning paper or just staying in bed until you like getting up - we all have simple pleasures of life that we particularly enjoy.

We think you should continue to enjoy the little things that make you happy, and we are committed to making that happen if we can. Shortly after you get settled, a staff member will contact you to find out what simple pleasures we might provide for you regularly.

After these pleasures are identified, the staff will arrange to provide them on a regular basis. This is our way of making life more enjoyable for everyone here at Pinnacle Health & Rehab.

Recreation is an important part of everyone's quality of life. Our Activity Department offers a wide variety of recreational activities for your unique needs and interests, at the times that best fit your normal schedule.

Mind, body and spirit all require exercise and recreation. Our goal is to design a calendar of events that touch all three. These calendars typically reflect the wishes of all of our residents as well as the culture of the local community.

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