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Residential Care Services

We like to make you feel at home, but we never forget that you have come to us for needed care. Our staff is trained in the latest techniques-plus, we believe that respecting your individuality and dignity is of utmost importance.
Many residents come to us for the reassurance that our care provides, and for the enriching environment that our staff creates each day. We have programs in place to ensure that you have doctor visits, podiatry services, vision care, dental care and mental health services as needed and permitted by eligibility. Please note that there may be some out of pocket expenses associated with those services that you will be responsible for paying.
Your needs are important to us. As long as you are with us, you are family. We welcome any information and ideas that you would like to share. After all, the more we know about you as a person, the better we can honor your wishes.  

Nursing Facility
Our Nursing Facility opened in 1980 with 30 beds and has grown to 47 beds that are dually certified for Medicare and Medicaid. We are not required to relocate a resident after a skilled stay to a non-skilled wing as may happen in facilities that aren't dually certified.

The skilled unit sends two-thirds of its residents home. That is what skilled care is all about, providing post-acute nursing care and therapy services to get residents back to the comforts of their homes.

Physical Therapy Department
The Physical Therapy Department instructs the residents in mobility and balance training and exercise to regain strength and endurance. Occupational therapy provides splints, instruction in the use of adaptive equipment and training in the activities of daily living. Speech Therapy addresses cognitive, swallowing, and communicative concerns.

Our Physical Therapy Staff


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