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Victorian Villa Rehab & Living Center was founded in 1970 by Aiden and Zilla Redding when they purchased and renovated the Water's Boarding Home. The renovation of the home next door (which was later named Maplewood ) and the construction of the nursing home in 1979 completed the campus. We now serve 47 residents in the nursing facility, and 65 in the residential care facility.

Now after 45 years, Victorian Villa Rehab & Living Center has been acquired by Pinnacle Group of Hudson Valley LLC and rename Pinnacle Health & Rehab. We provide three levels of care; skilled / rehabilitation, long term nursing, and residential care, allowing family members needing different levels of care to remain close together. We have had many couples, siblings, and even parent/child relationships.

We are excited about the future as Pinnacle Group is talking with architects and plans to make some renovations!



Founder Aiden Redding
April 19, 1909 - September 2, 1997
Pinnacle Health & Rehab • 26 Pleasant Street Canton, ME • 207-597-2510